Investment Advice

At Wealthwise we are committed to ensuring that your Investment portfolio matches your attitude for risk and return. Before determining an appropriate investment for a client, as part of our Investment process, we undertake a rigorous analysis of your needs and objectives, taking account of:

Investment Process

We design an appropriate portfolio for you based upon the principles of asset allocation. We will identify those investment managers and funds that are best suited to deliver the returns you require within your risk tolerance levels. Different Investment managers may be selected to manage individual segments of the portfolio. The more investment styles represented, the greater the diversification in your portfolio, and the more diversification, the less risk for your investment. We also understand that you may want to include your accountant, legal adviser, banker or family members in the decision making process and we are always happy to facilitate this.

Key Investment Considerations:

  • Your risk tolerance and capacity for loss

  • Expected term & Investment time-frame

  • Target return objectives

  • Liquidity & Income requirements

  • Previous Investment Experience

  • Your existing asset Mix

Investment Solutions:

  • Capital protected Investments

  • Deposits & Cash Funds

  • Structured Products (EUR,GBP,USD)

  • Direct Equities

  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s)

  • Multi Asset Funds

  • Property Based Investments

  • Exchange Traded Receivables

  • Corporate and Government Bond Funds

Our Investment philosophy is based on the following principles:

Risk Adjusted Return:

Our priority is to recommend investments which fit our clients attitude to risk and can generate the returns required to meet their financial objectives. The emphasis is on consistency and protection as opposed to once-off high returns.

Time Horizon & Liquidity:

We build portfolios with a medium to long term time horizon in mind and we suggest that clients adopt a minimum time frame of 5 years+; however, we do understand the importance of liquidity within a portfolio and will always ensure clients have sufficient liquidity to meet their short term needs.

Education & Information:

We feel it’s vitally important that all clients have a comprehensive understanding of any product before they invest in it. It is our job as their trusted financial advisor to educate and inform clients, also to ensure they understand any potential risks associated with the expected return.


This is one of the central planks upon which investment advice at our firm is based. We spread your investments across asset classes, investment managers and strategies which increases the likelihood of successfully achieving the desired outcomes.

Costs & Tax Efficiency:

Future Performance in Investments may be variable and unknown, but two things that are certain are Costs and Tax. It is our philosophy to keep costs as low and transparent as possible and always invest in the most tax efficient structure.