Cash Flow Modelling

Do you ever wonder if you’ll have enough money to do everything that you want to do during your life?

  • Can I take early retirement?

  • Can I afford to buy a holiday home?

  • How much do I need to sell my business for?

  • Can I take a sabbatical from my job?

  • Can I help my children financially?

  • Will I run out of money?

Now, by combining state of the art financial planning software with over 15 years Industry experience we can create a detailed picture of your current Income & Expenditure. We then conduct a thorough analysis to determine whether your resources are sufficient to meet your short, medium and long term financial goals.

If these are insufficient then we can help you quantify the resources that will be required. It also allows us to plan “what if” scenarios to see the effect of various future events or major lifestyle decisions. A detailed long-term cash-flow is a key precursor to making informed decisions. Before you decide to undertake an investment, top-up your pension, buy that holiday home, gift your kids or sell that negative equity property, a personalised cash-flow will help you understand how this financial decision could impact your current and future lifestyle.

This cash-flow modelling service is available to existing Wealthwise clients as part of our ongoing service or alternatively, if you are not a client of Wealthwise yet you would like to assess your financial strength using this leading software you can avail of the Cash Flow modelling service and detailed Financial Plan meeting on a fixed fee basis.